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Black and white Oasis

After months and months of long work, hard decisions and dedication here comes a sneak peek of my crib in the new apartment since the end of October of 2015. During the decorating part I took a lot of inspirations browsing on different blogs, magazines and especially on pinterest. I enjoy decorating every piece in this room,


Hang on

Brr….Hello there! Did you have a good holidays? God, it’s freezin’ here in Milan. As you might know, I moved in a new house and I personally decorate myself the new room and there are many things to finish around it, but I think I’m on the right track. 


Monstera Leaves

After a very long research, I finally found this famous leaves that they use among interior designing. They are very beautiful and the durability is quite impressive, I love having them inside my room. So lucky to found them near the flower shop down the road! I can have them anytime! 🙂

Better than Wine

Have you ever been in a state where you are visualizing about your “Future”?, or your greatest ambition? Well, I’m in that state and there are lot of things are going through my mind. Life is a risk, so all I can do is to wait til a blessing comes. Finger crossed

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