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    How lovely it is to just sit down and enjoy your cup of cappuccino and a delicious piece of home made apple cake during your day-off, isn’t it relaxing? Apart from having a small corner of clothing that is quite contemporary, it also offers some tasty delights to enjoy during your visit. I find this


When in Rome

   I know it’s a shame to tell coz I’ve been living here in Italy almost half of my life and this is actually my first time getting into this beautiful city of Rome. It was a dream to come here, but after a long wait… here I am! Walking around one of the most

Bjork – Concept store

These days I had an opportunity to visit one of my favorite contemporary store here in Florence and it never fails to surprise for simpleness/minimalism of the store, as well for the garments that they sell.  If you have any chance to visit Florence, I recommend you to go check it out by yourself. “BJORK

Sunset from Terrazza Mascagni

A small trip in Tuscany

Yup! Sometimes you just need to pack up and go somewhere else just to free your mind. So, I did! Here some photos (captured with my iPhone 6s) of my small trip around tuscany from Florence to the Terrazza Mascagni and Scogli di Calafuria of Livorno and to L’arno di Pisa. [ for more info.

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