The Grey Knot

After a exhausting research for a wrap coat… I finally found the perfect one! Starting the fact my style is evolving and my wardrobe is literally going head to toe!  lol! However, this grey coat is really adaptable to everything you wear underneath…the robe style is actually for that purpose! PUT IT ON & YOU ARE


The camel coat

Two months of my job transfer back in Florence flew like nothing, but in other hand I am glad of the experience that I did back there, as well by spending time with my family, friends and dear ones. As you may see, these 2 new favorites coat that I brought back from Florence: The


Green & Grant Beige

The catch of this winter is all about the turtle neck, or I prefer to call it “Dolcevita”.  It’s a “must” for this season, especially when you want something neat and easy to wear, also because it still gives that classy and chic statement. For now I can afford wool, next year I can get into



    How lovely it is to just sit down and enjoy your cup of cappuccino and a delicious piece of home made apple cake during your day-off, isn’t it relaxing? Apart from having a small corner of clothing that is quite contemporary, it also offers some tasty delights to enjoy during your visit. I find this


When in Rome

   I know it’s a shame to tell coz I’ve been living here in Italy almost half of my life and this is actually my first time getting into this beautiful city of Rome. It was a dream to come here, but after a long wait… here I am! Walking around one of the most

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